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Hi this group is for members of new and under supported wikis

A lot of wiki's get started by people who are very passionate about their subject but may not know how to grow their wiki. By working together we can get them to the stage where they can gain new members naturally.

Aims Edit

Help to Provide:

  • Advice
  • Support
  • Resources
  • Members

Resources Edit

Wikia Mentoring Project Edit

Mentoring helps new wikis by teaming the founders up with experienced Contributors who can offer support and advice. To Sign up go here

Groups Edit

Groups are focused on collaboration among members. Groups can act as a Community Portal attracting new contributors to help for specific tasks. By creating a group for a common task Wikis can share the burden with each other. An example of this would be removing spam as a contributor can fix spam on many different wikis quickly.

By providing useful content to related groups you can promote your wiki to the members that are most likely to contribute to your wiki. Related groups can help promote each other by creating events like featured articles that may not be effective for the wikis by themselves.

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FAQ Edit

How do I promote my wiki on WikiSocial?Edit

  1. Create a Profile for your wiki - This lets WikiSocial members know what your wiki is about and what tasks you need help with.
  2. Create a CAN Card - CAN cards are a simple way for other people to promote your wiki here and on other wikis. If someone is interested enough in your card to put it on their profile it is likely that their friends will also be interested.
  3. Help us with News in the subject area wikis - This is great way to show what your wiki is about and is something that WikiSocial members can help you with.

What is a CAN Page? Edit

it's a way of allowing easy Social networking. For instance you might create a CAN card for that has links to your wiki on it. Users can then mix it with other cards creating a new context. So one user might create their least favourite band list out of another users favourite band list.

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New Collaborations Edit

Collaborating Wiki Date Collaboration Started Wiki Description
Teklogs Teklogs is the foremost wiki for technology related news.
Music The Music Wiki, also known as Your Subculture Soundtrack, is a wiki dedicated to creating an encyclopedia of the everything to do with music

Volunteer Tasks Edit

This is for non-editing tasks only

Wiki Task Contact
WikiSocial CAN documentation, read our guidelines and ask any questions you can think of. Drawde83

News Edit

22:10, 14 January 2008 (UTC) - I've been working on the main CAN card template. To see how it's used look at the Sandbox. let me know if you have any problems. Drawde83

something notable happening on your wiki let us know

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