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WikiSocial is the social networking wiki started by Chris Picone and continued by WillSWC. Unlike most wikis, its function is not to serve as a knowledge base for a topic. WikiSocial aims to connect people through the Internet using the features of MediaWiki, the engine WikiSocial is built on. In many ways it is similar to the popular Social Networking website, MySpace, but there are many differences. The largest difference is the flexibility and the openness that WikiSocial provides. You can edit almost every aspect of your UserPage with much more freedom than on MySpace.

These are some of the Aims of WikiSocial

  1. Create dynamic social networks - you can interact across a range of interests and social groupings (profile to wiki levels)
  2. Enable Inter-wiki Collaboration - We will be able to help other wikis that have a social focus and perhaps more importantly allow new wikis to build their community from our userbase.
  3. Encourage expression of different interests - Although many editors belong to lots of different wikis (and other social groups) it can be difficult for others to appreciate this bigger picture if they only see you on one wiki.
  4. Attract New Editors - Users of Social Networking sites will learn how to use the wiki software and will be able to discover the wikis they will be most interested in through members of those wikis.

Reasons to join WikiSocial

  1. It allows for exciting new ways to socialise, whatever you can think of
  2. Be part of a community that truly cares about its members and isn't out to make money like many other Social Networking websites.
  3. Almost unlimited Freedom in customizing your Profile and how you view WikiSocial!
  4. Access to wikis based on your interests through Wikia
  5. You already have tons of content that you can use to create a great profile.
    1. Personal Websites
    2. Other Social Networking Websites
    3. Photos
    4. Blogs

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!}}

Create article

To create a WikiSocial article, type a title in the box below, and click Create article. But before you do, please check if the article already exists under a different name.

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