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I'm not that great a writer so I'll put my ideas up here so that someone (maybe even me) can use it to improve the article.

  • groups are like a collaborative profile, it's about a topic not a person
    • This means it can use the same stuff that gets used in a profile.
  • Groups being used by a wiki
    • Can act as an Off Wiki community portal
      • Useful in early days of a wiki as some of the setting up does not always require knowledge of the wikis subject matter
      • being involved in the group is a good first step before getting involved in the wiki
    • related wikis can work on the same group encouraging a free flow of information.
  • groups can have relations between each other
    • parent group would summarise it's subgroups (featured content, descriptions)
    • siblings would look at different aspects of the same thing.
  • Several groups can exist on a similar topic so that problems can be solved by forking.
    • groups are encouraged to reuse each others resources (content, members etc)
    • a parent group can be created so that there is still co-operation between two forked groups

--Drawde83 07:32, 5 February 2008 (UTC)

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