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December 2007 Edit

August 2007 Edit

  • Sustainable Community Action - content in Spanish / Acción Comunitaria Sostenible - we've recently begun developing some articles in Spanish - Portada, Philralph 18:17, 31 August 2007 (UTC)

July 27 2007 Edit

Greensmiley2 Society Gardens CAN page - Add your CAN card.
CAN is short for Community and Networking. Add your CAN card to Society Gardens CAN pages, recently set up on Wikisocial (or leave a note on my talk page if you'd like me to help Philralph 22:06, 27 July 2007 (UTC)). It's a fun way of letting other people know about the wikia you contribute to, and can make the place seem a little friendlier if its easier to put faces/images to names, names to wikia, etc.

  • Wikisocial getting going again - drop by and see if there's anything you can help them with - for example say hello by adding your CAN card to their Greensmiley2 CAN pages.

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