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Some examples of possible mutual self-help Edit

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Happy first birthday! Edit


In the '9 months plus' category, see which Wikia have a first birthday coming up. Then send them a sort of 'birthday card' type message, for example to their founder, to recent active contributors, or on their Community Portal talk page or Forum. Can you give them some sort of 'birthday present' by adding a little to their content, such as reducing the number of uncategorised pages? (And, of course, later on wish them happy 2nd birthday! etc.)

New options, July 07 Edit

The Society Gardens birthday card - example


Happy Birthday, Engineering Wiki

July 4 2007 - Congratulations on your year,

Add your signature / extra comment by just adding a further bullet point

The red link should appear blue when posted on other wikia and link back to Society Gardens.

The first person putting up a card on another wikia will need to upload the image if not already done for that wikia (or you can of course just substitute another suitable image from that wikia's collection)

Community and networking Edit

Coming soon (hopefully!) - CAN cards (Community and networking cards). Early drafting of this idea / proposal here and here. (Because this seems to fall outside the scope of the central wikia, I'm wondering if a radical rethink of where all this stuff might be placed is needed (?) - please see talk page

Rewarding collaboration Edit

Every 3 months or so (and from when there's enough participating Wikia), propose and vote on / support proposals for the Wikia engaging in the best inter Wikia collaboration of mutual self help (over that period). (Yes, it's individuals who help rather than wikicities but this could perhaps be got round by Featuring the Wikia of choice of the individual commended). / see also Wikia:Awards, Wikia talk:Awards

Pay it forward Edit

As well as 'paying back' any Wikia that helps 'your' Wikia (and of course reciprocating help is good) 'Pay it forward' and every so often try and add something of value to a Wikia of your choice from the above listings.

More specific examples Edit

  • WikiNodes, example at sca21:Sustainable_Community_Action:WikiNode - to show how wiki relate to each other and for developing possible delegations and collaborations.
  • What's new, or similar - if 'your' wiki has anything like a What's New page, below the stuff for your wiki you can include a bit from 'sister wikia' or anything which might seem especially relevant to the topic of 'your' wiki. Example sometimes at sca21:What's New e.g. headed 'Wikisphere' under the main boxes.
  • Consider proposing or voting for one of the above wiki in Wikia's Collaboration of the month

More general examples Edit

  • tips on publicising Wikia
  • tips on networking opportunities
  • tips on making improvements to Help pages (eg, check that they have the latest improvements to the Starter Wikia)

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