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Draft for a new Community portal, please give me your suggestions etc. --Drawde83 21:26, 28 March 2008 (UTC)


You can help build WikiSocial into the place for Social Networking! The Community Portal is the central place for WikiSocial members to discuss, plan, and collaborate on the wiki. We're always looking for new members - if you have an interest in WikiSocial, why not create an account?

Wanted and new pages
Group stubs

These are groups that are in need of members. If one of them interests you please consider joining

Example Profiles
Hot Topics

Forum:New Beginnings, Village Pump

Easy Tasks

This is for tasks that you can complete by yourself


This is the reason for the wiki being around and the more people doing it the more interesting this place will be.

  • make friends
  • send gifts
  • welcome new members

Socialising on WikiSocial

Make suggestions

General suggestions can be made in the Lounge Forum. Suggestions for new groups can be made to the group requests forum.

Wiki Description pages

At the moment we're focusing on society gardens so feel free to add the description for any of these pages.

see also: Forum:Improving the site

Please add suggestions

Wiki Maintenance

track down some really useful and appropriate images or icons to help brighten up the place. For some of us, sometimes pictures can work a lot better than lots of words.

There are some old wikipedia help pages floating around, they are out of date and we don't want to maintain them. So please mark them for deletion (with {{delete}}) or if you're an admin please help to delete them.

Mini Projects

That complete these tasks get an award on completion At the moment the award is a gift from one of the admins

create an award template

This template will be a decoration that can be added to a userpage showing the task it was awarded for and the date it was awarded.

If you wish to take on one of the tasks please sign your name beneath it Please add suggestions

Volunteer corner

tasks listed here should link to a project page with more details.

more info Project Category

Please add suggestions

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