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Having a profile on Wikisocial allows you to give other visitors to the wiki some information about yourself. Profiles on WikiSocial are created around users and are also used for promoting groups.

Profile Page Edit

A profile page allows you to create a friends list of other users and share gifts with them. It is very easy to setup so is a good place to start if this is your first time contributing to a wiki.

User Page Edit

User pages allow you to create your own unique profile. WikiSocials networking is based on using links and categories. using a category creates a page that links to all the pages sharing the category. This allows other users to find users that are similar to them. Having a red link for a link or category just means that no-one has created that page yet.

Profile Templates Edit

templates make it much easier to create a profile. Layout Templates can be found in the Draft category. These are all based on the excellent template:Standardbox. This template is easily customisable to fit many different styles. Because there are different layout modules based on it you can put together your own layout design.

We also recommend using CAN cards. This is ideal for users who want a simple layout that is simple to modify. Users can just create a layout using tables and then insert the CAN cards they want. Because we want the CAN card system to be as flexible as possible we encourage you to create or suggest any new types that you want.

Templates for user information can be found here.

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