Setting up a pledgebank on WikiSocial Edit

To set up a pledgebank on WikiSocial

add {{PB}} (which will create a heading) to an article

then add

  • a date, followed by activity details

under this people can add a number for total pledges which if reached they pledge to participate (see also examples below)

followed by signature, four tildes (~)

People can add what ever number they like, and can change the number at any time, and obviously only the person making the pledge should edit their pledge.

Add the article page to the lists below

Setting up a pledgebank on other wikia Edit

as above but of course you'll need to copy over the template as well.

Open pledges Edit

  • 2009-02-01 Adopt a wiki (Personal development wiki)
  • 2009-06-01 Interwiki collaboration month on Sustainable Community Action - promote and encourage interwiki collaboration on any aspect of sustainability or sustainable development.
  • 2009-06-04 Barnraising day Sustainable Community Action

Closed pledges Edit

Examples Edit

  • 2 jo bloggs
  • 2 a n other
  • 2 bloggy jo

is successful (total on list matches or exceeds peoples critieria)

  • 4 jo blogs
  • 4 a n other
  • 6 bloggy jo

is unsuccessful (total of 3 on list not reaching anyone's criteria)

  • 2 jo blogs
  • 4 a n other
  • 2 bloggy jo

is successful for jo blogs and bloggy jo, but not a n other


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