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Personal Newsboxes Edit

Chris Edit


  • Homework done for now, back online to block and administrate! Can't login yet, but SOON!
  • I failed RFA on Wikipedia.
  • I'm writing a book so... yeah, no more updates for awhile.

Chrismessage me 02:29, 18 November 2006 (UTC)

Let's Edit

I'm still there.




  • WLUG had Craig Nevil-Manning from Google as the guest speaker.
  • Went to the Night Glow.
  • Went to the Comp Sci Graduation.
  • Sorting out stuff at the Metal Gear wiki.
  • Got a stunt PC, for those times when you want something with an exotic OS on it :-)

Future Plans:

  • Get the rest of my mates signed up to this wiki :-)
  • Driving my car again 22nd May

Message to Friends:

check this out, If you add to it, I promise not to add random userboxes to your profile (for a while).

User:Drawde83message me

Community newsboxes Edit

Nintendo fans Edit

Picture of the week:


WikiSocial newsboxEdit

Wiki Project News


A wiki's truly grown up when we have a shitload of vandalism.

Let's do our best to check RC more often.

New Project pages

Blog namespace implemented

Blog is now active! Each user gets a blog!

Group pending.

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