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This page is intended to be a brief guide to how WikiSocial works

If you are new to editing wikis, please read the Wikia Help pages. It is also quite helpful if you know a little about templates.

Wikis are a form of social network. They all have user and talk pages that allow you to communicate with other users. However these networks are very closed off from one another. WikiSocial aims to be a wiki where users can talk about things they are interested in. We are also interested in helping users collaborate across wikis.

Forums Edit

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Using a TalkText template creates a speech bubble around your text and adds a small photo. This makes it easier to see who is talking in a conversation. Most users create their own personal version of this template that includes their photo.

Profiles Edit

Profile pages store basic information about users. They also allow you to friend other users. and to send gifts. The great thing about them is that you don't have to share much information if you do not want to.

User page Edit

User pages give you complete control over what content you include. People often include sections for:

  • Wikis that they like
  • Friends lists
  • Userboxes

Final tips Edit

Try to keep links local to WikiSocial. This helps us create new content and allows users to track down others who share their interests. So when you want to link to another wiki create a page for it that has the link on it.

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