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Wikia that don't grow easily often involve topics for which there is not a large existing community of computer-savvy users. It makes sense to have a support system for Wikia that are devoted to such topics. Otherwise it is all too easy for people to assume that Wikia is some sort of computer nerd site. When introducing Wikia to people without a computer background, a common reaction is "this is too complicated for me". We need a simple and exciting way of getting such people past their fears and into a new frame of mind where they see wiki as a tool that they can use to express their own interests.

Also, approximately 10 out of the top 20 Wikia are dominated by popular entertainment and gaming topics. This page can help us share ideas for how to "get the word out" that Wikia devoted to "slightly more serious" topics exist and to help users past their internet passivity and into being wiki editors. Original proposal and associated discussion at Proposal for a Civil Society Quarter page

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